Tuesday 21 March 2006

My arm hurts...

eyes are blurry and my mind's gone all mushy... but I got just over 5k out today.

Brings me to:

( ############===== )
55,351 / 80,000 : 69.2%

Phew, I am so darn tired now! There was a lot of action going on in today's chunk o' words and I'm actually feeling it. Of course, the fact that hubby and I have been working out early in the morning and I've been walking so much, isn't helping any. Right? And there's those household chores that still need to be addressed - like the bathroom cleaning and the floors... agh, I'll get to them this week. I will!

But anyway, the hubby and I started watching FIREFLY eps again. I think we're probably the only people on the planet that still haven't seen SERENITY but I refuse to watch it until I see the series first. We've already watched about 4 eps and watched another last night - we're aiming for one a night since the damn TV channels have decided to postpone everything for the Commonwealth Games. Last night's ep was so good, I love these characters... and the humour - priceless. Can't wait to watch another one tonight!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I wandered over here from Michelle Rowen's blog - I'm doing the Write On as well.

I'm impressed with your word count, but the thing that really inspired me to comment was the Firefly. I'm a total Joss fangirl, and I'm really into Firefly/Serenity right now. I'll be very interested to hear your comments on Serenity once you get there - the boy and I have had lots of conversations. :)

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

HI! Thanks for popping by! How you doing?

Oh, Joss Whedon rocks, doesn't he? I watched another episode last night and loved it. I was LOL so much, it's so funny. I love Jayne - he's a crack up! Hell, who am I kidding, I love everything about the show... can't wait to see the movie. I'll be ready to chat about it once I've watched it -- you bet I will!


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