Monday 20 March 2006

Monday, again

If you want to check out a Pre-published Spotlight with moi, go here. It's a really cool website Shawn has set up called The Journey, where she spotlights a different pre-pubbed writer every week. Very cool idea! Check it out, there are other very interesting Spotlights before mine too. Thanks Shawn!

Well, I wrote a nice slug of words today:

( ###########====== )
50,294 / 80,000 : 62.9%

A few happy moments, a very sad moment and a revelation all happened today. I stopped writing about twenty minutes before I had to head out to pick my daughter up - in a spot where everything that was bad, gets worse - big time! I have a good idea about the direction the story's taking from now until the end, it's just a matter of getting there. And if I keep moving at this pace, it should be sooner than later. I'm truly enjoying myself with this tale.

Also wrote the first draft for one of my SCRYbe stories for next month. It ended up being 1,260 words, so there'll be some chopping down to 1k!

Okay, gotta get going -- need to walk down to the post office to pick up some packages.

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