Thursday 2 March 2006

A little lost and change of plans...

I don't know what it is about the playground at my daughter's school, but there are always a whole bunch of crows hanging around there. Not magpies - we've got a lot of those around here, but actual crows. They're huge, and their feathers so black and silky-looking they tinge more towards blue. Such beautiful birds. I've been meaning to write a story involving a crow for a while now. It's in my idea file... and every time I see these creatures, it reminds me of it...

Anyway, I find it really bizarre that today I felt a little lost. Unsure of what to work on. I was hoping to do pretty much nothing, but for some reason I just can't sit there and do nothing. Or waste the day away watching all those horror movies I've been meaning to watch for over a year now. My mind's awandering but I'm not surprised. It's how I usually feel after writing a first draft. I don't really feel this way after the revision process is over and the novel is done. No, it's just after first drafts.

Strange... but leads to my change of plans.

I was initially going to take a week off after writing this draft to take it easy and take a breather in between. But since I finished a few days early, I've decided to take today, tomorrow and the weekend off before throwing myself into the next first draft. And since it's the next novel in the vamp trilogy, it's probably a good thing since the characters are still pretty fresh in my mind.

It all sounds a little like insanity, I know, but I'd like to have this draft done in 4 weeks time. My daughter gets two weeks off during the Easter break in April and I don't want to be working on writing madly and trying to meet word count requirements for myself every day. I'd much rather spend that time with her and even squeeze in a little revision, since I know I can't just stop everything writing for two weeks cold. Just can't do it.

So what did I do today, huh? Well, I spend a little more time than usual on the internet this morning before wandering over to my writing computer. I picked up my ghost MS and fixed all the typos etc. the hubby found during his reading of it. He picked up some really silly things I didn't. It's very helpful. And now it's done and the pages shredded and placed in the recycling bin! The word count changed slightly too - it's on the sidebar. :)

Then I re-read and revised a short story and even spent an hour or so reading a little more of the kickass book I mentioned yesterday. Things are really heating up, I'm loving this one.

Well, tonight we're going to drive into Sydney to pick up two of the books I ordered yesterday. Very cool, they're already here. Two out of three ain't too bad. Now to find the time to read 'em all. *scratching my head*

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