Friday 3 March 2006


Okay, so this book was the first reading reward for myself after finishing the first draft mid-week. And hell, was it an AWESOME reward.

Mia Snow is an alien huntress who doesn't like other-worlders and works for A.I.R. in the city of New Chicago. In a time when aliens walk amongst us. She heads an invastigation about a series of killings involving something that goes much deeper than first appears and winds up affecting her personally on many levels.

This is my first Gena Showalter book and I will definitely return for more. And not only to the Alien books! She delivers a wonderful, layered and rich story weaved with mystery and terrific characters. The A.I.R agents are a total blast -- all of them! And Mia Snow is as tough as nails, though she's usually underestimated by the opponent.

I loved the voice, it was flowing, smooth and richly descriptive in a way that made my senses tingle like I was in every scene - watching from a corner. Such an amazing experience reveals a deep character with flaws, real pain and a past that had me sighing, WOW! I just didn't want to put the book down until I knew what was going to happen... and so I sat down until I got to the end today. And wasn't disappointed.

And let's not forget about Kyrin en Arr. Woah, excellent character and I love the way she described the Arcadian race. Beautiful. Mia and Kyrin have a great love-hate-can't-stop-fighting-each-other chemistry that sizzles -- of course, she's doing most of the ass-kicking!

I definitely RECOMMEND this book to absolutely anyone and everyone! You just gotta check it out... NOW!


K. said...

Yay! I knew you'd love this book, Y! The next one is coming out soon. I just got 'Jewel of Atlantis' - the second in Gena's Atlantis series (the first was 'Heart of the Dragon'). Can't wait to sink into this book!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Yeah, you were right, I loved it!

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