Monday 20 February 2006

It's another week!

Check this out:

( ##########======= )
48,426 / 80,000 : 60.5%

Man, today was one of those writing days! I really could've kept going for several more hours than I did. Honestly, the words were coming pretty quick today and I figured out a plot point that was kinda niggling away at my mind during the weekend. It is so cool to have figured it out. I really like the direction the novel's taking overall, though the last scene I wrote today made me feel a little uncomfortable.

What was that thing about making your characters suffer? :)

Okay, so the hubby and I have made a few executive decisions as far as TV watching goes. Although last week's eposide of LOST had a little more in it than the last one, it's still pissing me off. So, we've decided to cut it out of our viewing. I really can't stand to waste more time going around in circles. I know there'll probably be some cool things happening later in the season but right now I really don't care!

And while we're on a roll, we're also dropping Desperate Housewives. Honestly, I LOVED the first season. Very cool and things were wrapped up but this season seems to be more of the same. I'm sick of Gabrielle's bitchy, selfish ways and I even forgot she was pregnant for a while there. Susan is ANNOYING! Honestly, if you knew a woman like this you'd have to slap her silly. Mike! Why are you breaking up with Mike? Bree's mother-in-law is annoying me to the point of can't stand it and although Lynette's my fave, it's still not enough to keep me watching. And the basement? Who cares. I'm really getting tired of being strung along for the duration of 22+ episodes.

Especially when there are sooooo many cool books on my bookshelf waiting to be read.

So the updated list of shows we watch each week is now:

SUPERNATURAL -- I love this show. And the guys are ultra cool... and of course, CUTE!
HOUSE -- LOVE it! He's so sarcastic and cruel. One of the best characters ever!
MEDIUM -- once again, I love this show! Alison Dubois is way cool and interesting.

Anyway, gotta get going now because for some reason the floors just refuse to sweep and mop themselves! ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy Monday. Hey, I saw the movie "Muriel's Wedding" last night, and thought of you out there in Oz.

Shawn said...

Hey Y! I don't watch much TV. Once in a while I will watch House and Bones. Hope you had a great weekend!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Jim! MURIEL'S WEDDING was a really cool movie. Did you enjoy it?

Thanks Shawn, did have a GREAT weekend and I know what you mean about TV. Trying not to watch too much myself!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that movie was good, I felt sorry for Muriel and her family though. She sure could spend her dad's money like crazy in the beginning, wow a $12,000 vacation, dang.

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