Wednesday 25 January 2006

80s Wednesday

Ah, Cabbage Patch Kids... every little girl wanted one in the 80s.

And I was no exception!

Here's a little bit about them from Wikipedia:

The Cabbage Patch Kids were dolls produced from 1983-89 by Coleco. They had large, round vinyl heads and soft fabric bodies.

The gimmick of the dolls was their uniqueness. No two were exactly alike; each doll had a different eye color, facial features, hair, and outfit. The subtle differences were introduced with a computer for each run. Each came with a unique birth certificate signed by their creator, Xavier Roberts.

The dolls were inspired by the bestselling 1901 novel by Alice Caldwell Hegan Rice, Mrs. Wiggs and the Cabbage Patch.

Sadly, I never got one. :( And I wanted a little Cabbage Patch Kid soooo badly... it's funny that they've been re-released. I don't think they had the same impact this time, but it's still cool to see dolls from my childhood available to little girls nowadays. Strangely, my daughter never showed much of an interest in these dolls.


Shawn said...

Awwwwe! I love Cabbage Patch Kids. I had one that I loved to peices! Her name was Marcy and someone stole her. :( Waah!

Savannah Jordan said...

I have one Cabby, two Cabby babies, and a Koosas. I never had one when I was a kid, so I get them when I was an adult!

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