Wednesday 25 January 2006

10 Ways You Know You are Reading My Work:

Okay, so Jessica had this on her blog the other day and asked me to list mine.

1. Main character is almost always female.
2. Something paranormal/supernatural is always lurking about.
3. Usually have a love triangle going on.
4. Hero plays important part in the story, but it belongs to her.
5. Heroine always has a past that bites her in the ass.
6. Heroine is always imperfect and flawed.
7. Tales are set in fictional suburb in Sydney, Australia.
8. Things are never what they seem...
9. Subplots are always weaved into the main story.
10. Each book ends, but there’s always room for more…

Share yours if you like!



Shawn said...

Thanks Y. This was very though provoking.

C. T. Adams said...

Hi Yolanda! Have you stopped by my blog lately and just been lurking? It's been very quiet. I think people got tired of my being sick and cranky. (OOPS!)

Take care of yourself. :)

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Yeah, Cie, I've been popping in and leaving comments! I always pop by your blog, it's always interesting and NO, I don't get tired of you being sick. It's not something you can help, right? Not your fault!

You take care too!


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