Wednesday 21 December 2005

7 Things... about me!

So AE at Sometimes I ramble... tagged me the other day. I finally got around to answering all the Qs yesterday afternoon.

Here they are:

Seven Things to Do Before I die:
Spend as much time with my hubby as possible
Watch my daughter grow into a capable, independent woman
Have a book published
Keep my brain active by writing all the time
Visit the USA
Read every book I’ve ever wanted to read
Have lived a happy life with those I love

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
Set the VCR for pre-recording
Understand racism
Understand inconsiderate/evil intentioned people
Like politics or politicians
Reach the top cabinet in the kitchen (without a chair)
Stop writing
Play any sort of instrument

Seven Things that Attract Me to my wonderful Spouse:
Gorgeous eyes
His sense of self-identity
The strength and support he provides unconditionally
Great father
His natural kindness and affectionate/contagious laugh
That my stomach still flutters when I think/see him
Everything about him!

Seven Things I Say (or Write) Most often:
See Ya
How’s it going?
Sit on the couch! (the kid loves to sneak up close to the TV)
Put your toys in your room!

Seven Books (or Series) I love:
Anything Clive Barker
Anything Stephen King
Anita Blake series by LKH – book 1-10
The Harry Potter books by JK Rowling
Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich
Anne Rice’s earlier Vampire books (1-4 and Pandora)
Simon R Green’s Nightside series

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again:
Star Wars Saga 1-6
The Lost Boys
The Indiana Jones movies
The Wedding Singer
The Crow
Army of Darkness

Seven People I want to Join in (be Tagged):
And anyone else
who pops by and
would like to take part...



Shawn said...

I consider myself officially tagged! :D

Anonymous said...

I love your answers, Y! And, The Lost Boys rocks! So many movies in common... hehehe

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Cool answers Shawn! You were very quick to get them answered... it took me days, just ask AE! :)

THANKS AE! Oh The Lost Boys... I absolutely LOVE this movie!

Shawn said...

Thanks Y. LOL! When you are a procrastinator you have a lot of time to do things. :D

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