Thursday 16 May 2024

WOMAN, EATING by Claire Kohda

Woman, EatingWoman, Eating by Claire Kohda
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, this is the book I decided to get stuck into this afternoon... and finished by the end of the night. 😅

Lyd is ready to rent a studio in London and get stuck into an internship at a local gallery. It's time to get on with her own life and leave her mother behind. But she's always hungry and no matter how hard she tries, it's hard to erase a lifetime of her mother's toxic teachings and warnings...

Wow. I really enjoyed this unique take on vampires. Not only is it a quiet study about how a vampire might be forced to survive in the modern era, but it's also a testament to how hard it is for young people to spread their wings and figure out who they are and/or want to be. Especially if they've spent their lives under the shadow of a domineering mother.

The beauty of this story is how strong Lyd's voice is. How natural and unconventional her thoughts and ambitions are. How easily she allows her artistic self to get swept away by whimsy. Even her attraction to Ben raises a lot of red flags, but she's instantly drawn to him because he's the first person to show any real interest in her. Not what she is or who she can become.

Another interesting perspective is provided by the internship she finds herself in. OTA, a gallery that doesn't care about nourishing young artists and is run by a predator who hides behind his artistic interests. There are some creepy scenes in that place. Not in the horror sense, but in a real-world way.

All of these separate parts of Lyd's new and lonely life tangle together and tell a bleak and melancholy tale. Until that absolutely brilliant ending.

This is a fantastic book. Loved it!

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