Friday 29 March 2024

It's Release Day!

That's right!

Today's the day! ☺️πŸŽ‰

My myth & monsters horror novel about a dysfunctional family with a lot of dark secrets, of mythological proportions, is now available:


Snakes and stones may break her spirit, but the truth can never hurt her.

Peg's twin sister vanished months ago and her mother has checked out. She's a mess and barely leaves her room. But Peg never gave up hope and expects Chrysa to return at any moment.

One night, after months of living a lonely life with only her cards and best friend to keep her company, Peg discovers a hidden room in their barn. An impossible place that shouldn't exist but leads her to an unfathomable discovery.

This revelation sets off a chain of events that will force Peg to confront the reality of who her mother really is, and what Peg will have to do to survive the ancient family legacy. But she can't do it alone. Not again...

If you're interested, you can purchase an eBook or print copy from these stores:

You can also...

I'd like to thank Tony Anuci for giving my book a wonderful home, Adrian Medina for the fantastic cover, and Katarina Yerger for editing.



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