Friday 1 March 2024

BLEEDING INTO NEW WORLDS by Sarah Jane Huntington

Bleeding Into New WorldsBleeding Into New Worlds by Sarah Jane Huntington
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm a huge fan of Sarah Jane Huntington's work, so I love getting stuck into her stories.

Anna doesn't belong anywhere. She's all alone in the world and searching for a purpose, when she meets a group of people who welcome her into their lives and make astral travel sound easy. But nothing is easy in this world...

Yikes. This turned out to be quite an intriguing and totally fascinating trip down the darkest rabbit hole. The layers of reality are peeled back to reveal some wondrous and terrifying places that are so vivid, the imagery and gruesome worldbuilding will stay with me for a long while.

Anna's a lost soul whose vulnerability shines through every page. My sympathy for her never wavered. Not even through the most violent parts because her personal story is as horrifying as it is amazing.

There's a bit of Hellraiser within this very macabre cosmic tale about betrayal and self-discovery. About how important self-acceptance is in its many forms.

I loved this novella. It's another beautifully-written gem.

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