Friday 8 December 2023


Tales from the Crypt, No. 3: ZombieliciousTales from the Crypt, No. 3: Zombielicious by Mort Todd
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Well, this is another Tales from the Crypt volume, and here's what I thought of each story:

EXTRA LIFE by Neil Kleid features a very bored and confused guy called Andy, or Evenblade. When his real and online world collide, things don't turn out well...

This story is a short and seemingly straightforward tale introduced by the Crypt-Keeper. I say seemingly because nothing about Andy's life is as it seems. Or as he thinks.

THE QUEEN OF THE VAMPIRES by Marc Bilgrey features Tanith and Sybil, two close friends whose friendship deteriorates after one wins a contest to meet their favourite author...

This story is introduced by the Old Witch, because the Crypt-Keeper is playing an Ogre game. As much as I like vampires and stories about creepy writers, I found this one totally ridiculous. 🫤

GRAVEYARD SHIFT AT THE TWILIGHT GARDENS by Rob Vollmar is introduced by the Vault-Keeper, and is SO BAD that I won't even bother saying much about it. Except for this: it's an incoherent, boring mess that supposedly ties into the previous story. 🙄

KID TESTED, MOTHER APPROVED by Jared Gniewek features Jimmy, a kid who doesn't eat his cereal and this decision has a monstrous effect on him...

This story is once again introduced by the Crypt-Keeper and isn't too bad. Not great, either.

These stories were all different, but I didn't really enjoy any of them.

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