Sunday 5 November 2023

NaNoWriMo: Week One

Hey! How are you today?

Did you have an awesome Halloween? How was your first week of November?

After taking the spooky month off from writing and revision, it's now time to get stuck into one of my favourite annual writing traditions: NaNoWriMo.

While I didn't actually do any new writing or revise any drafts, I did spend some of October doing a bit of NaNoPrep. Although I have to be honest, this year it took me a little longer to actually settle on a WIP because there were a handful that were trying to get my attention. 😅

But the one that I picked was definitely the loudest.

So, here's how it went:
  • Wednesday: 6,528w
  • Thursday:  11,313w (added 4785w)
  • Friday: 16,294w (added 4981w)
  • Saturday: 17,728w (added 1434w)
  • Sunday: 18,947w (added 1219w)
Well, I think this is a pretty good start to both NaNo and this new story I'm writing.

This is an idea that came to me several years ago. It was one that sounded too big to write at the time, and was also missing a vital piece. Back then I didn't know what that was, so I started a folder on my phone and added inspirational pics, research pieces, and character names. It wasn't until I was walking one day that this vital piece finally hit me. But still, I wasn't ready to write it back then.

When I sat down to consider possible WIPs for this year's NaNo, that's when everything clicked into place. I'm finally ready to tackle this idea that felt too big but now is just the thing I want to spend this month working on. And as you can tell from the word count, it looks like I made the right choice.

And what's this story about? Well, it covers two timelines and at the core it's about the toxicity of friendship when someone is keeping secrets. It's also about anger and the pursuit of getting what you want even though sometimes the person doesn't even know what that is and why they want it.

Yeah, it's a horror story and so far I'm surprising myself with the direction. In a good and twisty, wicked way. 😁

As far as the 50k target goes, I'm pretty sure this novel will be longer than that. But at the moment I'm not sure where it'll end up because it's too early to tell. I'm just having fun following my characters down this rabbit hole.

Well, that's it for now. Just thought I'd post an update.

Have an awesome day!

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