Friday 27 October 2023

MAEVE FLY by C.J. Leede


Maeve FlyMaeve Fly by C.J. Leede
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I've had my eye on this for quite a while, so I got stuck into it as soon as the book hit my Paperwhite.

Maeve Fly lives in LA and loves the city. She's an Ice Princess during the day and lives with her ailing grandmother in a lovely house. She reads a lot and spends plenty of time on the Sunset Strip. She has secrets, and when she meets Gideon, everything changes...

Wow! Yikes! Damn! 👀

Yeah, I really enjoyed this book and read it pretty quickly because I was hooked. Maeve's voice is strong and totally wild. I liked reading her bizarre thoughts and unexpected observations. Her life is like a fucked-up Disney fairy tale full of sex, violence and a lot of strangeness.

The twists and turns, combined with the depravity and the Halloween vibes, keeps everything interesting. I also liked how she was close to her starlet grandmother, and where that situation ends up. The way the location is so vivid that it pretty much becomes a character is very cool.

The ending sealed the awesomeness of this story for me.

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