Monday 7 August 2023

D&D DUNGEON CLUB: ROLL CALL by Molly Knox Ostertag


Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Club: Roll Call (The Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Club Series)Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Club: Roll Call by Molly Knox Ostertag
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I have to admit that I'm not a huge D&D fan and have never actually played the game. But between Stranger Things and the Dungeons & Dragons movie, I've managed to enjoy D&D from an outsider's perspective.

So when we found this graphic novel for a bargain price over the weekend, we picked it up. And I thought I'd give it a go.

Olivia and Jess are best friends who attend middle school. They're also D&D fans and have been for years. When Olivia wants to invite other players to join them, Jess is opposed to the idea and their friendship hits a rough patch...

Well, this turned out to be an utter delight! The characterisation is amazing. Not to mention how easily these characters managed to weave their way into my head and affect me emotionally. Olivia is an outgoing nice girl who wants to make new friends. Jess is a shy introvert who is happy with the way things are. There's a lot about her past that has shaped and twisted her, made her mistrust and not want to get to know anyone else.

She's also getting bullied, which only adds to her anger and frustration. And when those two emotions combine, she ends up hurting the one person she truly cares about. 😫

Seriously, this is such a great story about friendship and growing up. About not letting the past sour the present, and realising that new people aren't the enemy. It's also about two very creative girls who love D&D.

Loved the artwork, too.

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