Wednesday 28 June 2023



The Hibiscus and the GraveThe Hibiscus and the Grave by Wendy Dalrymple
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Firstly, I want to thank the author for sending me an ARC of this lovely book. I really like the cover, because it totally matches the story.

In 1920, a new governess arrives at Hibiscus House, an estate on Tybee Island, GA. As soon as she gets there, she has a good feeling about the place and instantly likes the little girl she'll be looking after. She even likes the owner of the estate, but it doesn't take long before strange things start to happen...

Wow. I was hooked from start to finish, and couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next.

The Rebecca vibes are felt throughout this lovely gothic gem, but it's got a unique style that sweeps you under until you get to the end. The mysterious circumstances are both spooky and intriguing, and the atmosphere is so strong I could taste the salt in the air. Felt the cold seep into my bones because every description about the old, but grand house is so very lush.

Not to mention how much I liked the characters because they all felt authentic in their own way. Each had a role to play, and played it well. I also enjoyed the touch of romance.

Well, I absolutely LOVED this! It's another fantastic Wendy Dalrymple book. She's got an addictive writing style that really appeals to my reading tastes.

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