Tuesday 23 May 2023

THIS ONE'S GONNA HURT by Cody J. Thompson


This One's Gonna HurtThis One's Gonna Hurt by Cody J. Thompson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, that was quite the blood-soaked ride! Also, if you're squeamish, you definitely need to know that this book needs all the trigger warnings.

Halloran Summit Road is a desolate area located at the end of a random off-ramp along the freeway in the California desert. A place to rest while you charge your electric car. Somewhere for five friends to take a detour while on their way to a music festival in Las Vegas...

You know, I just realised I made that sound like a nice place to visit, a pleasant tourist spot to take your family. But it totally isn't. This location might appear vacant, but houses an evil maniac who preys on anyone who makes the mistake of stopping there.

After all, he needs to meet his supply and demand quota. 😳

From the very beginning, this story is violent and packs quite the gruesome punch. Introduces unsuspecting characters you get to like before they face down the danger lurking behind the trailers.

It's quite shocking, fast-paced, and when the secret is revealed, sure to make you extra queasy. And that's before I mention the gory descriptions, the vivid sense of location, and that messed-up ending.

I mean, yikes!!

I really enjoyed this. There's definitely some The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with a mix of Wrong Turn, and plenty of carnage to keep any slasher fan hooked.

But please, whatever you do, stay away from the Herkey Jerky. 😬

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