Wednesday 17 May 2023

SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH (Sabrina, Volume 1) by Kelly Thompson, Veronica Fish, Andy Fish & Jack Morelli


Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Sabrina, #1)Sabrina the Teenage Witch by Kelly Thompson
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I love all things Sabrina, so when I found out about this comic book series I was eager to check it out.

Sabrina Spellman is a teenage witch trying to balance her mortal side and witchy powers. Which is harder since she moved to Greendale with her aunts and has to adapt to a new high school. Unfortunately, strange things always find her...

OMG. The artwork in this book is AMAZING. Very pretty and colourful. It's also adorable and cute, plus SO MUCH FUN! I really like the vibes here. Not only is it cute, but there's still an edge of darkness at every turn.

This version of Salem is snarky. I love him! Hilda and Zelda are as mysterious as ever. There's also Harvey, but he has a rival in Ren. I like how Sabrina likes two boys and wants to get to know them on her own terms. Jessa's a nice addition, too.

I'm REALLY enjoying this story and can't wait to read more.

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