Thursday 6 April 2023

BRAD, UNWOUND by Jamie Kort


Brad, Unwound: A Puppet Scorned YarnBrad, Unwound: A Puppet Scorned Yarn by Jamie Kort
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Last year I read a very interesting and unique little yarn called, A Puppet Scorned. Today, I got the chance to read the prequel.

Brad is the King of the Attic. He knits all day and creates socks he wants to control. When they don't look the way he wants them to, or they don't listen, he shuns them. Disappointed that he can't make the perfect pliable creation, he mopes around. Until the day inspiration walks into his domain and changes everything...

Yikes! This is such an entertaining story. It's fun and made me chuckle several times. It's also infuriating because Brad is a total jerk, and this episode featuring his personal struggles made me dislike him even more. Oh, and it's pretty dark, too. Brad is not a nice sock puppet. His mind is a cavernous abyss in search of self-gratification and selfish ambition.

This guy only cares about himself, and when the story takes an unexpected turn, he really starts believing his own hype.

I REALLY enjoyed this, and how it leads perfectly into Camille's tale. 🧦🪡

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