Friday 24 March 2023

March Revision Update!

Hey! How are you? Is everyone ready for the weekend? I know I am.

I spent all this week working on the final read-thru of Tuesday.

This is the novel I wrote during NanoWriMo 2022. It's a dark tale about a complicated family who live in a small Australian town that has as many secrets as the residents. It's told in two POVs, one set in the past the other set nowish. I originally planned to revise it last month but a lot of life changes happened and I pushed it back to March. 

Here's how I did this week:
  • Monday: 62/234pgs (85,816w)
  • Tuesday: 121/237pgs (85,795w)
  • Wednesday: 198/234pgs (85,354w)
  • Thursday: 235/235pgs (85,025w)
  • Friday: 235pgs / 85,050w

That means this novel is DONE! ☺️🎉

Yeah, this was actually the final read-thru. When I put the story on my Paperwhite and read it away from my laptop. It's amazing how many things I find with a simple change of screen.

Mostly, I ended up cutting quite a bit of excess. Things that over-explained or confused the narrative. I also added fragments throughout that helped move everything along, or strengthened relationships. In some cases, ruined them even further. 😬

Spending three weeks fine-tuning this tale of woe and mystery was a lot of work, but it's always rewarding when I get to the other side. I also formatted the Doc and backed everything up.

Tuesday (without considering trunk stories) happens to be the last revision I have left to tackle. That means I get to play around with new ideas and dream about other stories and characters. And I find that very exciting.

AND READ! I've neglected my reading so much I'm like FIVE books behind on my Goodreads Challenge. 😫

But first, I need a break. So, bring on the weekend.

Have a good one! ☺️


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