Friday 10 March 2023

It's Revision Time!


Hey! How are you today? Great, I hope.

The last few weeks have been a bit strange. Draining and sad. Asides from losing Loki and getting used to hubby's new working hours, we got our next Pfizer booster on Friday. So we were feeling pretty crappy last weekend. That Covid shot sure makes you feel like shit, but it's worth it. And the effects wore off by Monday. Phew.

Well, it's been a while but this week I got stuck into a bit of revision. That's right, after finishing my outstanding Revision Projects last year, I promised myself that I would stay on top of my drafts from now on. There's no point in piling them up for years. It's much better to stay on top of things.

So, this is me getting stuck into the first draft of last year's NaNoWriMo story. I still like to put distance between myself and the first draft, one or two months is good, but I don't want to put them aside like I used to. It gets out of hand too easily.

So, here's  my progress:

  • Monday: 83/235pgs (87,603w)
  • Tuesday: 154/235pgs (87,601w)
  • Wednesday: 235/235pgs (87,568w)
  • Thursday: 235pgs / 87,845w

The second draft is now done! Yay. ☺️

I'm very happy with how this story turned out. This draft involved cutting away excess, and adding necessary details I missed during that first-draft writing frenzy. It wasn't too messy, so I'm looking forward to tackling the next two drafts.

The plan is to have this novel finalised by the end of March. I really like these characters and the story gets quite dark and goes places I didn't think it would. The relationships in this story are as messed up as the horror side of things. I also feel like there's definitely a true-crime influence in this one, which solidifies the narrative.

It feels good to have started the process. I'll put it aside until Monday, but I'm sure I'll be adding notes to tackle during the third draft. LOL.

I enjoyed the revision, but I missed my writing buddy. Loki used to sit next to my desk whenever I was working, and I really felt his absence. 😔

Have a nice weekend!

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