Sunday 27 November 2022

VENUS FALLING by Sarah Jane Huntington


Venus FallingVenus Falling by Sarah Jane Huntington
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I enjoy reading Sarah's stories because they always feature memorable characters, interesting settings, and creepy situations. And this one was another hit.

When The Venus stumbles on a strange colourful swirling close to Titan, the small crew don't let it stop their mission. The ship needs repairs and Captain Lydia Ramirez dreams of a better, safer life but after landing, things get a bit complicated...

What a trippy, turbulent ride this turned out to be. I enjoyed the dialogue and camaraderie between Lydia, Jonesy (pilot) and Melody (engineer). Fluffy was cute, because every spaceship needs a cat. And HIVE, the AI has quite the attitude.

Take all of the above, add a bizarre twist featuring time and space, plus a dose of creepy, and this becomes such an intriguing tale. The SF element and worldbuilding was interesting. Plus there are definitely Event Horizon vibes, and I loved that movie!

Really enjoyed this! The cover's eye catching, too. 🚀✨🐈

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