Thursday 6 October 2022



Disney Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before ChristmasDisney Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas by Sally Morgan
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I LOVE The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's a movie we watch annually. Sometimes during Halloween, sometimes during Christmas, and other times, during both seasons. 🎃🎄

I adore everything about it. The way the dark and gritty look of Halloween Town and it's strange residents contrasts the brightness and cheer of Christmas Town. The variety and unique look of each character. The story that links them all together. It's always fascinating to watch Jack Skellington's wonder and interest in a place so different from his.

Not only did I enjoy the story all over again (I always do), but the artwork is lovely. There's concept art and story sketches featuring a bunch of talented artists, and even some of the puppets used in the movie.

I love Jack and Sally so much. Jack for his sense of adventure, and Sally because she's so kindhearted.

This is definitely a terrific addition to my collection. 🖤

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