Wednesday 21 September 2022

BONESET & FEATHERS by Gwendolyn Kiste


Boneset & FeathersBoneset & Feathers by Gwendolyn Kiste
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow. This story turned out to be quite the dark fairy tale, and I was hooked from beginning to end.

Odette lives in a village full of people who don't want her there because they're scared she's a witch. Yet, all she's done for five years is stay away from everyone and bury her magic so deep within, she can barely cast a single spell. But when the birds fall from the sky, everything changes and it won't be long before the witchfinders return...

I absolutely loved everything about this lovely but sad story. It's amazing and wondrous, poetic and even devastating.

The persecution of witches always hits me deeply.

I also love characters who are pure and kind, even when so much hatred surrounds them. Odette might be an outsider and labelled as dangerous, but it was never because of something she did. And even though the village shuns her, she never hurts them. In fact, she hurts herself more than anything. And all she wants is to be able to live her life in peace after she's lost everything. 😣

While the awful and callous patriarchy is familiar enough to fill me with rage, I found the way this world portrayed witches, witchfinders and magic totally fascinating. It's mysterious and so consuming I lost myself within the words of this lyrical book instantly, and couldn't put it down.

I LOVED this. So much.

I've read several stories written by Gwendolyn Kiste and have enjoyed all of them immensely. I can't wait to read more.

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