Tuesday 7 June 2022



The Broker of NightmaresThe Broker of Nightmares by Jon Padgett
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I've had this as a PDF on my phone for a while, and decided to start it last week.

Slaw is an ER doctor at Dunnstown General. She has a problem with dreams and addiction. The night a strange old woman comes to the hospital begging for drugs, Slaw's life is turned upside down...

Well, that turned out to be a waking feverish dream. It's weird and creepy, full of grotesque imagery that makes you suffer through all the gross stuff with the narrator. I mean, that whole spit thing. 👀

It's quite a trippy ride. Watching this (not very nice) woman spiral out of control because she's addicted to dreams was bizarre.

The artwork that accompanies this story is bright and lovely, but captures the darkness perfectly.

Overall, I enjoyed this.

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