Thursday 2 June 2022

GWENDY'S FINAL TASK by Richard Chizmar & Stephen King

When Gwendy Peterson was twelve, a stranger named Richard Farris gave her a mysterious box for safekeeping. It offered treats and vintage coins, but it was dangerous. Pushing any of its seven coloured buttons promised death and destruction.

Years later, the button box re-entered Gwendy's life. A successful novelist and a rising political star, she was once more forced to deal with the temptations that the box represented - an amazing sense of wellbeing, balanced by a terrifyingly dark urge towards disaster.

With the passing of time, the box has grown ever stronger and evil forces are striving to possess it. Once again, it is up to Gwendy Peterson, now a United States Senator battling the early symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease, to keep it from them. At all costs. But where can you hide something from such powerful entities?

I've really enjoyed following Gwendy Peterson through the years. Watching her grow from a self-conscious young girl trying to get into shape, into an author and politician. And of course, seeing how the dreaded button box affected her life.

Many years have passed since Gwendy last had the displeasure of having the button box in her possession, but now it's come back into her life. And this time, she's got the impossible task of getting rid of it...

Wow. What a whirlwind conclusion this turned out to be! 😳

I have to admit that when I started reading, I was wondering why Gwendy would be anywhere near a spaceship. I mean, I know she's curious and adventurous, but what's she doing heading into space? Well, the book certainly explains all that and a whole lot more.

The story alternates between Gwendy in the present—battling to retain every piece of important information she can to complete her task—and Gwendy in the past—when Covid hits and she's running for the Senate. It provided a well-rounded explanation about the new catastrophe she's facing, and sheds some light on her personal struggle, introduces that creepy little town called Derry, and reveals some intriguing things about this magical box 

I got a kick out of all the Stephen King universe mentions, as well as how everything is woven into this new tapestry. While also throwing the reader into some Sci-fi trouble that proves evil isn't limited to Earth.

Watching Gwendy's gradual mental deterioration as she struggles to hold onto her memories and thoughts was so sad. And brave. Like everything else life has thrown her way, she does what she has to and never shies away from trouble or danger.

Gwendy's Final Task is as enthralling as the other two books in the trilogy. I couldn't wait to find out more as soon as I started. But this installment was really emotional, and the stakes are higher than ever.

I loved this book and this trilogy. Richard Chizmar took an amazing Stephen King idea and turned it into a wonderful, and memorable experience. 

Thank you Hachette Australia for sending me a copy!

Gwendy's Final Task, February 2022, ISBN 9781399702379, Hodder & Stoughton

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