Wednesday 9 February 2022

The Revision Continues...


Hey! How are you today? I hope you're all having a great day! 

Well, this week I got stuck into the third draft of my tentatively titled, Cosmic, novel. Except, during the third draft I started cutting words and more words, until this became a YA thriller novella. 😬

Here's why:
  • Monday: 41/118pgs (44,675w)
  • Tuesday: 60/89pgs (33,177w)
  • Wednesday: 82pgs / 29,364w

As you can see, the word count kept going down because I ended up cutting three chapters that I felt were more filler than anything else. I'm not afraid to delete chunks if they're not needed. Besides, I did keep the important bits and added them to other (more fitting) places.

The first draft of this story was 53k, so yeah. I've cut quite a bit! But the important thing is: the third draft is done. Yay! 

I've already added the doc to my Paperwhite, so I can read it one last time and make sure everything flows better. But I won't be doing that until next week because it's best to get a bit of distance between each draft. So, at least I'll get a few days off. Yay.

What else is new? Um... we finally opened our matching Pixel 6 phones over the weekend. We're slowly getting to know them, but they're lovely. And the camera is awesome.

Asides from that, I wrote a shortie that came in at 900w, written in second-person POV. This was a personal challenge I set for myself because I usually stick to first and third person. I actually read the first draft to my husband and he was a bit freaked out. So, that's a great thing! I also started writing another short story (on my Pixel) from an idea that came out of nowhere. We'll see how it goes...

That's about it for now.

Have a good one!

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