Friday 14 January 2022

A Bit of Writing

Hey! How's it going?

Well, the new year isn't so new anymore, is it? Actually, as far as the world is concerned, it's still the same old pandemic crap. 😒

Things in NSW are pretty bad. The case numbers are out of control, getting a PCR test is virtually impossible, RATs are sold out everywhere, the hospitals are full, too many people are dying, and these crooks passing themselves off as our state/federal governments don't care. I hope the country now understands that all these shitty things are happening because rightwing governments just DGAF. Ugh.

On a better note, we got our booster shot two weeks ago. So at least we have a better level of protection now. 

Anyway, I spent this week writing and revising a new short story that pretty much came to me fully formed. The main character, his problem/s, and the dark road he's travelling were all pretty much there as soon as I got started. And I enjoyed every minute of it! 😇

I was originally planning to get started on my next revision this week, but I'm really glad I decided to push it back to concentrate on new and shorter writing. It feels good to start 2022 with new words. The world is a very unstable place right now, but concentrating on telling stories always helps me feel better.

Plus, working on shorter pieces also means I have some reading and Animal Crossing time. Yay. And this week I read a fantastic horror classic, plus a poetry collection classic. 😁

It turned out to be a very productive week, so I'm going to enjoy the weekend. Hope you do too!

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