Saturday 1 January 2022

Happy New Year!

Well, here we are again! I hope you're all staying safe and having a great day. 😊 

It's a shame that 2021 turned out to be a carbon copy of the nightmarish 2020. In some ways, it was actually worse because after everything we learned, the world still allowed Covid to run riot. 

  I want to be positive and welcome 2022 with open arms and happy vibes, plus a good attitude, but it's kinda hard because the world is in a bad way at the moment. Still, I hope we're able to find our way out of this eventually. Somehow.

  A new year also means it's time to get stuck into a new set of goals and make writing/reading plans. Personally, I'm looking forward to completing more revision projects. 😃

 Have an awesome, productive and healthy 2022!

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