Thursday 6 January 2022



Game On: Tempting Twenty-EightGame On: Tempting Twenty-Eight by Janet Evanovich
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's always great to catch up with Stephanie Plum, and this time I decided to start the year with the 28th book.

Stephanie's life is in constant havoc because of her dangerous job. This time she has to deal with a hacker who's got a target on his head, a duck-roasting homeless man, a professional mooner and another hacker who also happens to be a psychopath. And that's before considering Diesel's back in town...

These books continue to be SO MUCH FUN!

It didn't take long to get into the swing of things and get totally swept away by Steph's crazy cool life full of mishaps, surprises and danger. Oh, and hot guys. This installment was packed full of Morelli, Ranger and Diesel!

I also enjoy meeting the many zany people she picks up along the way. Love catching up with her family. Get a kick out of the snappy dialogue. Love Lula. And look forward to finding out how she'll destroy her current car. 😅

After so many books, I'm still enjoying the ride and look forward to reading more.

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