Friday 21 January 2022



CockblockCockblock by C.V. Hunt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay, I've been meaning to read this book for a while now and decided today was the day to get stuck into it.

Sonya and Callie want to enjoy a nice night out in an expensive Italian restaurant, but are attacked while walking there by a pack of disgusting men calling out filthy comments. But this is nothing compared to what happens next...

O.M.F.G. This novella is packed with a lot! And I mean a LOT. 😵

Sonya and Callie's story is fast-paced and barely slows down. It's a zombie apocalypse with a terrifying misogynistic twist, it's full of sexual violence, awful rape, and deals with many disturbing threats/truths about our patriarchal society. This story is packed with a bunch of messages we all, unfortunately, understand. Also, it doesn't hold back.

Did I mention it's also disturbing af? Well, it totally is. The imagery within these nightmarish pages will make even the strongest of stomachs squirm. It makes you feel dirty and gross. Sad and enraged. It will probably also make you laugh several times because, well, wait until you find out how these deranged horny fucks are killed.

In spite of all the terrible things featured in this novella, it was an entertaining and breezy read that's definitely worth checking out. Unless you're squeamish about your sexual content. 😳

Seriously, it's packed with sexual violence and imagery that even brain bleach will never clean. But it also includes a confrontation scene that will probably crack you up.

Yeah, this book is quite the experience.

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