Friday 28 January 2022

CABIN TERROR by Sarah Jane Huntington


Cabin TerrorCabin Terror by Sarah Jane Huntington
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I've had my eye on this book for a while and was really looking forward to checking it out. So, here I am, checking it out. 😁

It all starts in 1984, with Allister and his cult of followers messing with doorways to other dimensions. His obsession lets in a monster who continues to stalk the woods decades later. Kathleen has lived in these woods all of her life and remembers the violent havoc this creature has caused. Now, three girls enter the abandoned cabin and might make everything worse...

Okay. Let me start with that intense first chapter. Wow. 👀

That was quite an exciting piece of writing. The atmosphere, location, situation and players are introduced in a series of fast-paced creepy, bloody scenes that just don't stop. And I enjoyed the hell out of every second.

With a beginning like this, I couldn't wait to see what the rest of the story was going to be like. And I wasn't disappointed because Kathleen was a treasure to read about. She's tough and brave, such an interesting and lovely character. Then Jane and her two friends enter the cabin, bringing a whole lot of new trouble to the area. As her memories unravel, revealing what led her to this particular spot, I got lost in Jane's tale of betrayal, deception and ambition.

I really enjoyed this action-packed story of cosmic horror featuring a terrifying creature from another world. Though, by the time I reached that awesome ending, I couldn't help but wonder who the real monsters were. And isn't that usually the case when we're dealing with humans?

Well, this turned out to be fantastic and super fun, but also dealt with quite a few heavy themes! Plus, I'm always a sucker for cultish shenanigans and anything featuring a creepy cabin in the woods. 😈

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