Thursday 30 December 2021

THE ART OF GOOSEBUMPS by Sarah Rogriguez & Tim Jacobus


Beware: The Art of GoosebumpsBeware: The Art of Goosebumps by Sarah Rodriguez
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I really like Goosebumps books. Not just because I used to read them to my daughter, but because I'd actually checked them out before she was born. They're cool and creepy, funny and sad. Always freaky and even silly. Some are totally awesome and others are quite ridiculous, but I enjoy checking them out.

So, when hubby ordered this book—because he's the best—and insisted this was something I had to add to my collection, I was ecstatic!

This is such a pretty book. It's a bright, large, hardcover full of fantastic artwork. Not just the iconic covers, but also the drawing evolution of quite a few of them. As well as insights from the main cover artist, Tim Jacobus, and quite a few tidbits from the always funny, R.L. Stine.

I had a blast checking this out and recommend this book to anyone who loves Goosebumps because it's definitely something you need on your shelf.

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