Sunday 10 October 2021

WALL OF DOLLS is now available!

My first YA horror novel is now available from Otranto House
For generations, the women of the Lucas family have lived in the small town of Whenall, Massachusetts, at Raven House. They make dolls that they call wardens to protect the townsfolk, a long tradition that some might think holds no power, but a tradition that Whenall enjoys all the same.

​Quin is proud of her heritage, her cousin Beth, however, isn't interested in her position as the future family matriarch. The girls spend their time with their two closest friends, Henri and Al, with Beth always taking the lead, flirting with the boys and leading them into mischief. ​

One Halloween night, Al finds a Ouija board in the attic of Raven House, and Beth eagerly encourages them all to play with it, but Quin knows that these boards are not a game. Something was unleashed that Halloween night, and a year later, the girls will face the consequences. Can Quin stop them from being devoured by the evil force that spoke to them that night? The force that haunts the woods surrounding Whenall? With Henri by her side, she is sure as hell going to try... 

You can grab a copy from:

And it's available in paperback from all of the above places, as well as:

You can also:

I'm really excited about this book because it's been a long and winding road to get Quin's spooky Halloween tale published. Otranto House was a great place to publish my story because the editing process was a great experience and made the story even better.

Not to mention how cool the cover is. The cover design was done by Dan Harper and I think it fits the creepy vibes perfectly because dolls feature heavily in my story. It's cute, yet quite disturbing at the same time. And how cool is it to finally have a Ouija board on one of my covers? Very cool. 😁


Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time in Whenall... 😈

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