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When the poison gas first leaked out of the ground, they thought the horror would be over in no time.

But they kept dying.

When the lizard-men followed, swarming the land and picking off the survivors, those who remained were scattered to the hills and the forests.

Most did not last long.

But Cora, who found refuge and made a home in the mountains, where she lives with the memory of her dead son, still fights.

Tenacious, she lives wild and protects that home from the lizards who seek to kill her. Until now. Man has also arrived and he’s not friendly.


The author of this novella sent me an ARC, so I was lucky enough to read this thrilling story before it's release. Thank you, Zachary! 🙂

The world is a ruined and desolate place after poisonous gas leaked out into the cities and destroyed everything. Then the lizard-men came and started killing the survivors. Cora left with her son to live in the wild mountains and forest, in hopes of finding a somewhat comfortable life. But things didn't turn out that way and when a mysterious couple invades her territory, she'll do whatever she can to protect her land...

Wow. This was one fantastic and brutal story. I read it in one sitting because I couldn't put it down.

From the very beginning, we're introduced to a very likeable and crafty woman who is weighed down by grief, but still has the strength to get on with her life. Well, it's a lonely existence, really. And she's fine with that because people are a problem she wants to keep her distance from.

Not only that, but she still has to deal with the lizard-men. Vile creatures that appeared after the world was ruined and hunt/kill humans. They're awful, but she has the skills to deal with them. What Cora isn't prepared for is the beefy man and skinny woman who are obviously keeping dark secrets. And the guy, Darren, is a real piece of work.

And by that, I mean he's a real piece of shit. I despised this arrogant asshole from the moment he appeared and he's one despicable, totally gross brute that puts Cora through hell. Sarah was interesting too, because she had her own way of dealing with the shitty world she lives in. 

When the Cicadas Stop Singing turned out to be a fast-paced blend of gritty post-apocalyptic madness, and has the intensity of a terrifying creature feature that doesn't stop until the very end. The heroine is tough, engaging and has a heartbreaking past. The villain is a totally disgusting, despicable brute who underestimates Cora and overestimates himself. This makes a combustible combination.

I enjoyed the hell out of this gripping, violent ride.

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