Friday 13 August 2021

The Revision Continues...

Hi! How are you? Can you believe we're almost halfway through August?

And it's Friday the 13th today! So make sure you don't catch Jason's attention. 😬🔪

Well, NSW has been on mockdown for seven weeks now and the numbers are still too fucking high. Actually, the cases are higher every single day. In order for a lockdown to actually work, everyone in the state needs to be under the same restrictions and any business that isn't absolutely essential needs to be closed. These are things this useless government doesn't seem to know. Stupid assholes only care about their greedy interests.

It's SO frustrating because people are dying and way too many are ending up in the ICU. It's sad and awful, but when your own government doesn't care it makes everything worse.

Anyway, I better not get caught up in this endless cycle of anger... 😠

Let's focus on something good. I spent this week working on the third draft of my YA demonic possession WIP, and am very happy with the progress.

Here's how it went: 
  • Monday: 27/199pgs (75,959w) 
  • Tuesday: 63/201pgs (76,820w)
  • Wednesday: 108/200pgs (76,226w)
  • Thursday: 159/200pgs (76,207w)
  • Friday: 202pgs / 76,901w

That's right. THE THIRD DRAFT IS DONE! Yay. 😃🎉

I worked really hard on this particular draft because I wanted to make this story shine. I ended up adding 2,929 new words, but also cut a LOT of excess. The word and page count kept going up and down all week because of all the re-writing.

The heart/core of the story is pretty much the same as it was during the first draft, but I cleaned/tightened everything up to make better sense of my heroine's dark journey. I even changed the direction of several plotlines an strengthened the mother-daughter relationship. 

While this is challenging, I'm really enjoying the process. 

Now I'm going to take the weekend off and will start the read-thru on Monday. I've already added the doc to my Paperwhite, so it's ready to go. ☺

Have a good one!

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