Thursday 1 July 2021

June's Revision Update!

Hey! How are you today?

Well, NSW is officially on lockdown. Actually, it started last Saturday and will go on for two weeks because the infection rates keep going up at a steady pace. There were actually a few outbreaks in several places in our own suburb, so it's bloody scary. So much that we're wearing our masks when we go for our daily walks. Don't want to take any chances.

The shitty thing about this lockdown is that, unlike last year when hubby was home for the duration, this time he's working because where he works is considered an essential business. 😫

If only this fucking government was competent enough to have the majority of the population vaccinated by now. We're partially vaccinated and have our second dose appointment in just over a week. It can't come soon enough.

Anyway, let's talk about something more positive. This week I got stuck into the final read-thru of my latest Revision Project, Victoria.

Here's how my week turned out:
  • Monday: 29/151 (56,616w) 
  • Tuesday: 97/151 (56,414w) 
  • Wednesday: 151/151 (56,246w) 
  • Thursday: 151pgs / 56,264w
As you can see, I started a bit slow on Monday but quickly found my stride on Tuesday, and reached The End yesterday. But it always takes an extra day for me to tidy up any last-minute details. Then there's renaming the files, formatting to double space and updating all my drives. Phew.

And I just did all that!

I'm SO excited to have completed this dark little story. 😁🎉

I've mentioned this before, I wrote the original draft of this novel back in late 2019, so I've had quite a bit of distance. And because of this, I ended up adding over 5,000 words to the word count, slightly changed the direction, and intensified the Greek mythology ties.

This is a gothic haunted house story, but not quite. 👻 Either way, I'm very happy about how it turned out and hope I can find a home for it someday.

Finishing this project also means I can update my 2021 Revision List:
  1. April: Full edit of Wall of Dolls
  2. May: Full revision of Destiny
  3. June: Full revision of Victoria
I really like the way this list is shaping up. 

I'm not going to lie, working on these projects is hard work. Sometimes it becomes tedious and I just want to be done with them, but I give each project the attention it deserves because I love these stories and want them to be finalised. Not just sit around on my hard drive half-finished.

Okay, that's enough chatter for one day.

I'm in desperate need of a mental break and some serious reading time! Think I need a few weeks rest. A breather. Not to mention that my birthday is next week.

Have an awesome day! 😃

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