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Kitty in the Underworld (Kitty Norville, #12)Kitty in the Underworld by Carrie Vaughn
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This is the twelfth Kitty Norville, and since I'm determined to finish the series this year, I decided it was time to read the next one.

Kitty's in the middle of researching and brainstorming her latest book when Ben goes on a business trip. In his absence, and in typical Kitty fashion, trouble enters her territory and she ends up a prisoner to a group of supernaturals with ritualistic plans...

Wow. What an intense installment this one turned out to be. 😵

Stories like these always get under my skin. When a character is kidnapped, imprisoned and the captors attempt to brainwash or torture them in some way—hoping to get what they want—it makes my blood boil. Yet, I couldn't stop reading because these kinds of stories are always so intriguing. Plus it's satisfying when our main character defies her captors at every step.

In this story that situation also comes with an unexpected twist because we're dealing with a very stubborn, strong and capable alpha who bows to no one, and can't be brainwashed. Still, it was hard to watch Kitty and her wolf struggle to stay in control after being locked away, underfed and tranquilised. And awful to see how she reacted when being kept in the dark both physically and mentally.

This book was a little different to the others because Kitty was alone for so much of it. I've gotten used to having Ben, Cormac, the Denver pack and the vampires around, so it was strange and reminded me of the days when she didn't have this supernatural support system.

Luckily, Kitty's awesome and had no problem carrying her own story. She's also uncovered some pretty cool things that will no doubt come into play as the series races to its conclusion. I just hope we meet up with a certain lioness again.

Bring on the next book!

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