Monday 22 March 2021

JAR OF HEARTS by Jennifer Hillier


Jar of HeartsJar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've had this book on my TBR pile for over a year now. It's one I picked up, with many others, during one of our last pre-pandemic city book store adventures. And this past weekend was the time to get stuck into it.

Geo did something really bad when she was sixteen and after finally establishing herself in the world, she gets arrested. Now she's lost her fiancé, her executive job and her freedom. But she's about to lose so much more...

Wow. This book was a suspenseful thrill ride I couldn't get off. As soon as I started, I was hooked on this fantastic but totally messed up story.

Seriously, I started this book yesterday afternoon with the intention of getting a taste of the first chapter, but didn't stop until I reached Chapter Five. I got caught up in everything very quickly. I was also horrified by some of the stuff that happened, and this feeling stayed with me all the way through. 😳

The story is well written and separated into five different parts, each named after the stages in the grieving process. Most of it is told in the POV of Geo in the present, though we slowly see the past unravel before our eyes. There's also the POV of Kaiser, a cop and old friend of Geo. And to be honest, as shocking as the events turn out to be as we traverse the many twists and turns of this psychological thriller, mostly I found my overall mood was sadness.

I was sad about what happened to Angela. I was sad about what Geo went through because she made one bad choice after another. And I was very sad about the circumstances these characters are forced to face because of stupid mistakes they made when they were teenagers. There really are some mistakes that you can never undo. Because don't get me wrong, none of the mistakes that are made come from innocence, some are quite chilling.

Anyway, I loved this story. It's brilliant and fucking twisted. Just how I like my thrillers.

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