Sunday 7 February 2021

HIDDEN BODIES by Caroline Kepnes


Hidden BodiesHidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read YOU a few years ago and even watched the first season of the TV show. I really enjoyed both, yet hated just about everything about most of the characters. Especially Joe.

Just like the first book, as soon as I started I found myself gritting my teeth because Joe is such a fucking asshole. On the inside, he's all caught up in lovey-dovey thoughts about Amy, but on the outside he's still the same possessive idiotic stalker determined to stick his nose into her private business in his pathetic quest to know everything. And it goes beyond trust, because he's got some seriously deranged habits.

It was hilarious to see how his sloppy happiness doesn't last. I don't usually wish ill will on characters, but I certainly relished every time Joe found himself in a bad situation. He might think he's the most intelligent person in the room, but many of the situations he gets himself into prove he's quite the opposite. He's a silly loser chasing revenge with someone who might be his match.

The most ridiculous thing about Joe--asides from his ability to get away with terrible shit most of the time--is that his biggest quest is finding love. Seriously. All this douchecanoe wants is to find his forever love, and he's prepared to eliminate anyone who tries to get in his way during this very selfish pursuit.

Man, he really is a loser. But he does manage to fall in Love again. This time, he gets himself involved with a wealthy family with plenty of secrets and weirdness. Although Love appears quite nice and normal on the surface, she has her own problematic issues. Or introduces new problems into Joe's life that he didn't expect.

Still, Joe will do anything for love!

The thing about this series is that even though I can't stand this very annoying, sex-obsessed, psychotic, murderous asshole... I also couldn't stop reading because his story totally hooked me in. And I had to find out what was going to happen next because the tension kept me glued to the pages. 😅

To get so wrapped up in the very selfish story of this conniving prick to the level I did, really says a lot about what a great writer Caroline Kepnes is. She's got such an easygoing, yet very intense writing style that drags me in every time.

I enjoyed the hell out of this twisty book and was shocked by that very unexpected ending. I'm really looking forward to reading Joe's next sad adventure...

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