Sunday 28 February 2021

Great News!

Hey! How are you?

If you follow me on Twitter, then you've already seen my book announcement. But I'm super excited, so I wanted to post a little something over here too. 

I signed a contract with Otranto House! That's right. They're going to publish my supernatural YA horror book, Wall of Dolls

Yay. I'm SO excited! 😁🎉

I actually worked on the first edit last week and it was very cool to spend time with these characters again. I really love these girls, the strange town they live in, the secrets, and the creepy dolls. I'm really looking forward to sharing their story with everyone and can't wait to hear what readers think.

Also looking forward to seeing the cover and will announce the release date as soon as I know.

For now, I've actually got a short story in Otranto House's first anthology. It's called The Girls Who Walked into the Woods and it's available now:

Have a great day!

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