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Girls with Razor Hearts (Girls with Sharp Sticks, #2)Girls with Razor Hearts by Suzanne Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the first book in this trilogy, so I was looking forward to checking this one out.

Mena and her friends--Sydney, Marcella, Brynn and Annalise--might have escaped the Innovations Academy, but the trauma from the violence they suffered and the truths they uncovered aren't as easy to leave behind. Especially when they make it their mission to track down an investor by enrolling in Ridgeview Prep.

In this private school, they find that the world is a hard place for girls. No matter where they are...

Wow. This is another powerful addition to this daring and totally awesome feminist SF trilogy.

The story pretty much starts where the first book ends. There's a lot going on within the pages of this engrossing book, and most of it will make you squirm. Not just because of the awful world these girls find themselves in even after escaping the academy, but also because so much of it will sound familiar. Unfortunately, sexism and violence against women is very real, but in Mena's world it's also very much accepted because powerful men are trying so hard to strip the rights of women.

Like the first installment, the sense of sisterhood between the main group of girls is amazing. Strong and true. Unfaltering. But now, we also meet several girls/women who are so hellbent on getting their lives back, they're on the border of becoming just as bad as the men. 😳

I can't wait to see what happens in the third/final book, because Mena and her friends refuse to paint all guys/men with the same brush. And I'm looking forward to seeing their idea of a revolution. Did I mention I love these brave girls?

These characters are great, but there are plenty of malicious types from both genders, too. Some that inspire so much hate you can't wait to see them go down.

Oh, and don't even get me started on the twists and turns. There are many, and they're all SO good. Can't wait to find out more about the very fascinating Raven.

Like I've said before, every time I read a book like this, I enjoy the hell out of these kinds of uncomfortable stories. Where men try to mentally and physically beat them down, but girls/women always find a clever way to not just overcome this adversity, but destroy it!

Bring on the next one.

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