Monday 4 January 2021

Tracking Words & Pages

Hey! How are you today? It's time to post another New Year tradition on my blog.

I've posted a screenshot of my previous year's Word Count Tracking Sheets for a while now. So, here are my 2020 stats:

Total words written: 304,686. 
Total pages revised 2,078.

Although 2020 turned out to be pretty hellish year in so many ways because of Covid-19, and sometimes things got so scary and bleak that trying to focus was hard, I was determined to tackle several of the WIPs on my to-write list. I wanted to retain some normalcy, and because writing is something I really enjoy, this helped me cope.

BTW, if you're wondering where I got this very handy spreadsheet, it's something Sidney Bristol used to annually share on her blog. Although this side of her blog hasn't been updated for a long while, you can still get your hands on the basic spreadsheet HERE. All you have to do is update the year yourself. 

Either way, I wanted to give her the credit she deserves because I LOVE using this spreadsheet. It's so helpful and helps me keep track of my daily, monthly and yearly productivity. ☺ 

This post is purely about word and page count stats. If you're interested in a more detailed list, the other day I posted a breakdown of my 2020 Goals

I've already set up my spreadsheet for 2021 and look forward to adding all my progress.  

Here's to another productive year!

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