Thursday 10 December 2020

The Revision Continues...


Hey! How are you today? 

Last week, I completed the second draft of my slasher WIP and then took a four-day break. During that time, I relaxed a bit, read a little and started sorting through my book piles. It's time to cull any books that don't grab me. 😬

We ended up donating a LOT of books to several of our local Secret Libraries.

I also got (very) excited about tackling the third draft by taking notes and figuring out how to make sure everything makes sense. There were a few things bugging me but after some thinking and brainstorming, I worked out how to fix everything. No wonder I was excited. 😉

Here's my progress:
  • Monday: 42/145pgs (57,921w)
  • Tuesday: 81/150pgs (59, 261w)
  • Wednesday: 122/153pgs (60,137w)
  • Thursday: 60,334w / 156pgs

I actually reached The End today and I'm SO HAPPY that it's done.

This draft took a bit longer than the second to complete, but I was expecting that. I worked really hard to fix all the inconsistencies, add depth to the characters and situations, plus amped up the violence and emotion. And that meant adding 4,593 words, which took this story to 60k territory. That, I wasn't expecting. LOL. 

Now, I'm going to take another mini-break so I can have some time away from the story. This one's emotionally heavy and mentally draining, which is why I love this novel so much.

Just needs one final read-thru on my Paperwhite before I can call it done. The story always looks different when I do this. The book format (as opposed to Word doc) makes any repetition stand out.

Well, that's it for this week. Hope you're having a good one. 

Have an excellent weekend!

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