Sunday 27 December 2020



One Day at Horrorland (Classic Goosebumps, #5)One Day at Horrorland by R.L. Stine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Now, THIS is the kind of Goosebumps book that I enjoy. It was spooky, fun and full of weird things.

When Lizzy and her family get lost on the way to the Zoo Gardens Theme Park, they end up in Horrorland for a day packed with freaky stuff. A LOT of freaky stuff...

After suffering through two very silly and dull Goosebumps, I had a great time reading this one. I really liked this family and how this bizarre situation stresses them out in different ways, but they still manage to try and enjoy the rides and sights.

Some pretty awful things happen to them, but I loved how they stuck together until the very end. Lotsa very cool fun! 😊

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