Tuesday 29 December 2020



Odd SpiritsOdd Spirits by S.T. Gibson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I was really excited about this novella because it sounded great and the cover looks so cool. Plus, it features two very different magicians who are married. Awesome, right?

Well, it started out great. I loved the atmosphere and how the ambience in the house was portrayed in such a nice way. As was Rhys and Moira's marriage, because we got a sense of how different they are but still manage to be in a good and loving marriage. Until it's suddenly not.

Seriously, everything was great and we even get an awesome glimpse into their past, how they met and instantly connected. Then, suddenly, there's a toxic entity inside their house and Rhys calls in his ex to help and he's a jerk (for no real reason) and Moira's personality starts sliding down into some very uncomfortable territory.

But hey, not to be outdone, as vile as Moira's issue is, Rhys won't be outdone. He's got a really silly problem with her that makes no actual sense.

There were too many strange 'problems' thrown in out of nowhere. And by the end, I realised that I pretty much hated this married couple.

Unfortunately, another thing that I found super distracting are the many typos throughout.

It pains me to give this story such a low score because it had the makings of such a good story, but slowly fell apart. 😞 

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