Friday 27 November 2020

THE BONE FACTORY is now available!

That's right! It's the 27th, and that means that my Murder! Mystery! Mayhem! novella is now available from Demain Publishing.

Max Patella just wants to do her job, which includes dealing with cases the corrupt police don't want to dirty their hands with.

When she stumbles on a bunch of skeletons found in different warehouses, all wearing mysterious rings, Max finds herself in a dangerous and deadly situation that leads back to her...

You can grab a copy from:

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I REALLY love the cover Adrian Baldwin made for Max's novella because it's absolutely perfect for several reasons. You'll understand what I mean after reading it. 😁

THE BONE FACTORY is a thriller noir featuring a dark supernatural crime, a very wicked city, some shady characters and plenty of horror.

Max Patella is a mysterious detective who wants to help the forgotten victims in her corrupt city and ends up in the middle of something very dark. 💀

I'm so excited about this story, and even more excited about being included in another awesome Demain Publishing series alongside some great authors.


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