Wednesday 7 October 2020

More Revision Time!

That's right.

It's third draft time. And that means I'm very close to wrapping up another 2020 novella project. Yay. 😁

So, how's life treating you? How's the shitty pandemic where you are? Here in NSW, we've had over 10 days without community transmission. Until today. That's what happens when people get complacent during a pandemic and convince themselves it's over. Ugh.

Anyway, like I said above, this week I got stuck into the third draft of my current novella WIP.

Here's how I did:
  • Monday: 52/109pgs (40,310w)
  • Tuesday: 110pgs / 40,444w

I'm really excited about this progress and can't wait to read the story one last time on my Paperwhite. But first, I need a bit of distance.

This novella turned out exactly how I hoped it would when the idea first hit me via a dream. 😃

Asides from the revision, we've been hanging out, going for walks and enjoying lovely meals. I've also been buying up a book storm and haven't read much because my own stories keep hounding my brain. 

It's a good problem to have, really.

Well, that's it for this update.

Have a great week!

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