Tuesday 22 September 2020

THE WITCHES by Roald Dahl


The WitchesThe Witches by Roald Dahl
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I've been meaning to read this book FOREVER. So, when I woke up this morning I decided today was a good day to get stuck into it.

When the Grand High Witch of all the World meets with the other witches of England at the Hotel Magnificent, she doesn't expect a clever boy to hear all about the main topic on their annual meeting's agenda...

What a wickedly fun little story this turned out to be! It was nothing like I expected.

I mean, I've read enough Dahl to know he doesn't shy away from the macabre, but this story was packed with delicious morsels of unexpected creepiness. And I'm not even talking about the witches. Sure, they were evil, vile creatures hellbent on destroying children with a horrifying plan, but there was so much more.

Both Grandmother and Grandson were excellent characters. Sympathetic, smart, doers, and their relationship was beautiful. Their connection was deep and unconditional and so pure, but also edges into freaky territory. And I loved every minute of it. I thought that the bittersweet ending was glorious.

Also, like always, Quentin Blake's illustrations enhanced every step of the story and provided quite a few laughs. The mice are my favourites!

This was another awesome classic written by an amazing author who wasn't afraid to let his stories dip into very dark waters. He dared to go there because he knew kids could handle it.

A most excellent addition to my collection!

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