Saturday 18 July 2020

YELLOW BRICK WAR by Danielle Paige

Yellow Brick War (Dorothy Must Die, #3)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm enjoying the Dorothy Must Die series so much I couldn't wait to get stuck into the third one.

Amy Gumm has been through a lot during her time in the not-so Wonderful Land of Oz. She's made and lost friends, learned to use magic, befriended the witches and even met a cute boy. But the one thing she hasn't been able to do is beat Dorothy.

Now that she's in Kansas and has to find a way to get back to Oz, it also means reuniting with her mother and going back to school...

Man, this is one wickedly dark and super fun series! Just when you think it can't get any better, it does. Just when you think it can't get darker, it does. And just when you think you've got it all figured out, you totally don't.

I love how (so far) each book follows directly after the one before. It's great because the scene has already been set and as soon as you start reading, you're once again swept away by this wondrous story.

The change of scenery was a nice surprise. Even though Amy's back in Kansas, there's a surreal feel to what's going on because everyone she knows has changed in her absence. And as she tries to adapt to complete her mission, she's determined to keep her mother at a distance because she doesn't plan to stay.

Amy's character growth is a wonderful thing to watch. Even though she still has many of her original kind-hearted and well-meaning qualities, these no longer stop her from kicking butt and not putting up with crap. She's stronger and able to think a lot clearer than she did when she was just a mousey pushover with a deadbeat mother.

I really like her, because no matter how hard things get, how exhausted she feels, or how many secrets are kept from her, she keeps going. Always gets back up and deals with the hard stuff. And let me tell you, there's a LOT of things to deal with in Oz.

Also, did I mention that Amy and Nox are totally adorable together? 💕

Well, I really enjoyed this fast-paced adventure full of twists, turns, battles and awesome revelations. I love how everything is coming together yet falling apart at the same time.

Can't wait to find out what happens in the last book of this fantastic series!

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